DUGA has become open source!

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The story

After a long time, I have finally decided to publish the complete source code for DUGA. It has been a little sad to give away, as this project means a lot to me, but I believe and hope it will benefit other developers. 

I have been working on this for a very long time and I could keep adding and adding features, but that is not my goal. I really want this game to be something people actually want to play and I made pretty high ambitions, where I thought I would be able maybe even to sell it. 

I remembered, why I initially created this project, and it was because I wanted to see if it was possible with my skills to create a raycaster. It was. And i kept building. Adding textures, adding enemies, doors, sprites and guns and inventories... I still have two points on my to-do-list: level generation and local multiplayer. 

However, I am not sure, local multiplayer will be added, as it is notorious for being difficult. And I didn't create the engine with multiplayer in mind. We'll see. Thanks for your interest!

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Little late to the party but thanks for sharing the code


Haha, better late than never. I hope you find it interesting :-)